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Top Shelf Concentrates — Do You Dab?

Denver, CO, USA.  A “Dab” is really an active noun. “Do you want a dab?” or “Let’s take a dab” are two of the more common phrases you’ll hear uttered by those who dab. The act of dabbing cannot occur, however, unless one has concentrated cannabis either in Wax, Oil, or Budder wax, oil, or form. These concentrates are extremely potent (they typically hover around 75% but can allegedly go well into the 90th percentiles) and are also extremely difficult to heat up. Concentrates are extracted from flower, and oftentimes trimming by soaking them in Butane, CO2  which acts as a solvent, But can be done solventless through water. (Note: this process is dangerous and should NOT be done without a proper education)

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