Top Shelf Cannabis Dispensary


Reason’s To Go Medical

There are many benefits to getting your medical marijuana patient card (also known as a red card or purple card).

  • No Rec Tax: 7.65% Tax instead of 21.3% Tax (that saves you over 13% in Denver!)

  • Member Signup Incentives

  • Monthly Member Incentives & Discounts (Free 1/8th each month & 10% OFF every purchase)

  • No long lines and a more personalized experience

  • Medical exclusive products and higher potency options

  • Higher purchase limits (standard plant count allows 2oz/day)


Not sure if you qualify for a med card? There are many great MMJ doctors around, but we personally recommend Dr. Cohen Medical Center located at 276 Galapago St, Denver, CO 80223. Give them a call to get any questions answered or schedule an appointment at 303-892-6436. Tell them you were referred by Top Shelf, LLC and you'll get special pricing!